Ghost in the Shell? Automatically create and farm Chia Plots – a shellscript replacement for Plotman and other tools.

Ghost in the Shell? Automatically create and farm Chia Plots – a shellscript replacement for Plotman and other tools.

Because I’ve been pretty frustrated with Plotman and other solutions for Chia, I’ve been working on my own solutions for the past few weeks.

For automation I use shell scripts that I created myself. I now offer these scripts for purchase for your Chia projects. The scripts have been updated several times during the last weeks, because many minor unpredictable errors happened (failure of a HDD, sudden drop in write speed). These bugs have been cleared up as best as possible by the updates and have already been integrated into the overall design.

In addition, my scripts are completely transparent and have as less code as possible, meaning you can quickly see that your keys are secure.

The scripts can be customized accordingly and are designed for a plotter/farmer setup (Linux/Debian), i.e. you can run one or more plotters and farm your XCH on a separate PC with the Chia Network. Of course, the scripts can also be used in server environments (public network).

My Chia scripts offer the following advantages:

  • Easy installation of the farmer by script
  • Easy installation of the plotter by script
  • Easy updating of the farmer by script
  • Infinite plotting (normal) on SSD/NVME
  • Continuous plotting (aggressive) on SSD/NVME
  • Delayed plotting also possible on SSD/NVME
  • Automatic moving of the finished plots to a buffer in the plotter (e.g. HDD)
  • Automatic transfer of finished plots from cache to farmer (conveniently via network)
  • Automatic even distribution of plots to farmer’s hard drives according to free space
  • Instructions for setup are already included in the scripts
  • additionally there is a readme.txt with even more hints
  • and as a big extra there is also up to 15 minutes of support (for open questions)

Aggressive plotting creates one plot at a time without pausing, while normal plotting copies the plot to the cache drive first (giving the SSD/NVME a small “cool-down” period.)

If you want to buy the scripts against purchase on account (prepayment), this is possible for 90 EUR net (offer is aimed at traders). The invoice will be sent from Estonia (Europe). For a intra-community (EU) net invoice (reverse charge) I absolutely need your valid VAT-ID as well as your address – just write me via my contact form your complete address, VAT-ID and email address and I will take care of the rest!

With this unique set of tools, nothing should stand in the way of your success in the future.

Note: This text and the scripts are copyrighted.

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