Ledger Nano X – Extend seed / own passphrase

Ledger Nano X – Extend seed / own passphrase

The current Ledger Nano X automatically generates a seed of 24 random words. These 24 words are in turn selected from 2000 given words. For many users, this is therefore still not enough, as there is still the very unlikely possibility of guessing the seed.

What many don’t know: The ledger offers the possibility to extend the passphrase or the seed simply, i.e. in addition to the 24 words you can choose a completely individual word (also with numbers and upper / lower case possible). This will ultimately give you a completely custom passphrase with the protection of a hardware wallet.

This individual seed (or your individual extension of the 24-word seed) is stored on the ledger under a different PIN.

Positive side effect: This also ultimately gives you access to two completely different private keys or wallets on just one ledger.

Now how to set up this extension?

First, the ledger needs to be put into operation normally, which means creating a 24-word seed and a PIN.

After these initial steps are completed, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Hold both buttons for approx. hold for 3 seconds to enter the main menu
  2. Switch to “Settings”, confirm with both buttons
  3. Switch to “Security”, confirm with both buttons
  4. Switch to “Passphrase”, confirm with both buttons
  5. “Attach to PIN”, confirm with both keys
  6. Confirm extra hints …
  7. Set new (different) PIN
  8. Confirm new (different)
  9. Set extra word / passphrase
  10. View extra word / passphrase exactly and confirm (no need to re-enter)
  11. Confirm adding “secret” passphrase with OLD PIN

To switch between the two different seeds / passphrases / wallets / PrivateKeys you have to plug and unplug the ledger briefly. This is because only the private key matching the PIN will be loaded.

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