Saving with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

Saving with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

The triumphant advance of cryptocurrencies is difficult to stop and the price increases of recent times speak for themselves. Admittedly, this development is not too surprising in the currently tense period of money multiplication, but nevertheless, the price increases also have many other reasons.

One of those reasons is that more and more institutional investors are looking at cryptocurrencies and investing there specifically or hedging with Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example.

So as a private individual, what else can make sense now?

It offers itself here with Bitpanda (external link) to open a new account and create a savings plan. From as little as 25 EUR per month, you can automatically buy Bitcoints or other cryptocurrencies of your choice. The payment is made via SEPA direct debit, just like other savings plans. Other marketplaces do not offer this function or I am not aware of any other providers with such savings plan functions.


A savings plan leads to the fact that you always buy the cryptocurrencies at the average price in the long run (cost-average effect) and therefore you do not have to go crazy with the price fluctuations (compared to a one-time purchase / investment).

A great way to participate in the rise of cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

I would be very happy if you would sign up at Bitpanda with my invitation link. Because if you sign up with this link, you (and I) will each receive 10 EUR as a little extra from Bitpanda: Here’s how to sign up with the invitation link


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