Secure DNS server alternative to Google and Cloudflare

Secure DNS server alternative to Google and Cloudflare

The provider Quad9 has been offering a secure alternative to Google and Cloudflare in terms of DNS queries for quite some time. Currently, Quad9 stands out with its decision to move its headquarters to Switzerland.

What is DNS all about anyway?

On the Internet, it is mainly domain names that are called up, such as, and not IP addresses, such as The DNS system acts like a kind of telephone directory, so to speak, and assigns (domain) names to the corresponding IP addresses. If a domain name is entered, the DNS will determine the matching IP address.

Why Quad9?

Quad9 provides DNS servers distributed around the world and is technically accessible in many ways. So Quad9 offers the classic IPv4 DNS server but also DNS over HTTPS or TLS. Even DNSCrypt is supported. Quad9 does not store users’ requests, does not operate commercially and tries to protect privacy.

How can I benefit from this?

It is recommended to overwrite directly in the router the default DNS servers of your Internet provider with a custom DNS. In the case of Quad9, these would be the two servers: and

On your Android phone, you can set the value under the “Private DNS” setting item.

In Firefox or Chrome, it is recommended to enable DNS over HTTPS in the settings and enter the custom provider with the value

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