Own WordPress video hosting with round robin

Own WordPress video hosting with round robin

You want to offer videos on your WordPress site, but you don’t want to upload them to the common platforms? Then you, like most others, face certain performance problems, because visitors who are watching a video should not affect the other visitors.

Therefore it is inevitable to outsource the videos to another hoster and a subdomain (video.example.com). Of course, normal cheap webhosters do not offer unlimited bandwidth, which again poses a problem for you with many visitors.

However, this problem is relatively easy to solve with the help of the round-robin method on the name server level.

In the end you only need to book 3 webhosting accounts with different providers and upload the same videos there. In your nameserver settings you only have to create several A-records for the same subdomain (1 A-record for video.example.com per webhoster/IP).

What will happen now?

The nameserver will randomly rotate the responses, i.e. the visitors will be randomly distributed among the different web hosting packages. This is a very simple, cheap and effective way of load balancing.

You find the whole thing too complicated? I can make the appropriate settings for you in just 1 hour – at a reasonable hourly rate.

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