Create an inventory flat file for Amazon

Create an inventory flat file for Amazon

Many of you will no doubt have wondered what Amazon’s inventory files are all about, here’s a brief explanation.

The inventory file or the flat file at Amazon is a file in which you can manage all (or only some) of your items via Excel. It is also possible to create new items with this file, including items with several hundred different variations.

The upload function is hidden under “Manage inventory” -> “Upload multiple items” -> “Upload inventory file”.

Under the tab “Download stock file” it is possible to download a template. However, it is not possible to download your current stock file as a template here.

So if you have not yet created a corresponding file for Amazon, you must create this file completely new. This should also be taken directly as an opportunity to check and update all the details of the article.

Why use an inventory file on Amazon?

With the stock file, the content can be controlled better than through the interface in Sellercentral. For example, it is possible to specify the FeedType (product type) in the file in addition to the BrowseNode (category). Also, hundreds of variants can be effortlessly created and assigned to a parent item.

Another advantage of working with these flat files comes into play during internationalization. Namely, the files can be systematically translated into other languages and adapted for the other marketplaces. This makes the translation work (especially when there are several hundred variants) much easier.

For those who find all this too complicated, I am of course very happy to help at my reasonable hourly rates. In that case, please just contact me via my contact form.

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